What’s in it for me – Why would I want to be a member of SEI SHRM?
There are many reasons to be a member of SEI SHRM.  Among the top reasons your fellow professionals have joined are the networking opportunities.  By being a member of SEI SHRM, you get to ask questions, create options, gain knowledge and feedback as well as glean expertise from experienced HR professionals with multiple facets of experience from numerous industries.  By networking with other HR professionals, you are among the best of the best, and by using real life scenarios, data and their experience, you can make your business better.  These networking opportunities also place you in friendships with hiring managers who have early knowledge of career opportunities.  Another important reason for membership is the educational opportunities.  You will get to participate in monthly meetings on important hot topics that affect the HR and business field on a daily basis.  These educational opportunities keep you on the front line of governmental affairs, human relations, recruiting and many more aspects of Human Resources by learning from high ranking professionals.  And, by being a part of SEI SHRM, you will get a discount on monthly lunches, have the ability to attend these seminars close to home while networking with other professionals in your area.

Is there value in national membership?
Like local membership, there is great value in national membership.  By becoming a national member you have access to a myriad of professionals from all over the world as well as thousands of industries.  In your business, you need to be a strategic partner and being a member of national SHRM will help you get there.  Additionally, you will have access to templates, policies, toolkits on hot topics, trainings and many other resources for you and your company’s needs.  You will have access to the HR Knowledge center, where HR professionals will answer your questions as serve as powerful resources to help you.  A monthly magazine is sent to you that covers current HR topics, best practices and stories affecting the profession.

Is certification worth the work and effort?
We think so.  Many companies are now giving hiring preference to certified candidates so you can be assured that the certificate adds authority to your resume.  Furthermore, your certification as an HR professional elevates your status and differentiates you among your peers.  The letters behind your name testify to your expertise, knowledge and determination.  Is certification worth it – yes, without a doubt it we believe it is.

Are there study opportunities for certification?
There are!  Click here to send us an email and we can help you get started.

What is the best way to maintain certification?
One easy thing you can do towards certification is to become a national member.  By registering as a national SHRM member, you are automatically awarded recertification credits.  Local SEI SHRM membership also provides many re-certification credit opportunities that are very affordable.  The monthly presentations, the annual conference, free webinars, biennial State conference and SEI SHRM volunteer opportunities are all certified for credit.

Speaking of the lunches, why do they last an hour and a half?
It’s a national SHRM requirement.  In order to obtain a full re-certification credit, the speaker has to have a full hour of uncompromised time to present and answer questions.  If people are being served, or dishes being cleared during the presentation, then we are not meeting SHRM requirements.  We want to ensure that the credits we give out are meeting the expectations of SHRM and the participants.

What happens to the money I pay for the lunch?
The money is used to cover your lunch at the meeting.  SEI SHRM has partners with very gracious restaurant owners that will work within a budget and provide a delicious and enjoyable lunch.  It is important for our members to RSVP as well as attend, our chapter is generally charged by our RSVP headcount.  SEI SHRM generates no profit from the luncheons.

What happens to the money the conference takes in?
In order to provide an exceptional educational experience, we have to use the funds to pay for the conference.  The facility and food are a large cost.  We also have to pay for the keynote speaker(s).  The cost for the keynotes varies based on the speaker’s expertise and reputation.  There is a speaking fee and frequently also additional travel and logistical costs.  Quality speakers can be very expensive.  After paying the expenses from the conference, if there are funds left over, SEI SHRM uses the money as part of the operating budget and to fund the chapter’s annual Christmas gift to the members.  One other annual expense is partial travel costs for two board members to attend the National SHRM Leadership Training conference.  These costs are also shared by SHRM national.  SEI SHRM is a non-profit entity that exists solely for the benefit of its members and the board is places a tremendous amount of importance on its fiduciary responsibility.   

Can’t we get cheaper speakers?
SEI SHRM’s first priority is to ensure the speakers add value to its members.  We begin the conference process by projecting costs and receivables, and then formulating a budget that we adhere to as rigorously as possible.  One thing we do in order to reduce costs of putting on a conference is to rely on breakout speakers that typically volunteer.  These are knowledgeable people that are gracious enough to donate their time and efforts.  We are always looking for breakout speakers and if you are interested in being one, please let us know. 

Keynote speakers with an acknowledged reputation for quality help us to recruit participants.  A large number of participants helps us recruit vendors and business participants – these vendors and business participants help drive costs down.  We give our best efforts to ensure the balance between cost and the ability for the speaker to add value, entertain and educate.  The audiences at the conference are a wide range of professionals from beginners to seasoned veterans. You can imagine how difficult it is to find speakers that can interest and inform such a wide range of range of an audience.